Mary Mandefield

Mary Mandefield

Mary Mandefield is definitely one to watch. A feel good Londoner on her surefire way to making some big big moves in the industry. I know it, I can feel it and I am here for it. She is a presenter, public speaker, motivator, content creator and all-round creative. She is an advocate for finding power in your voice whilst living your best life. You can find out more about Mary on or @marymandefield.


okay now onto some hairy tales ........

1. What is your earliest hair memory?
I weirdly don't have many early memories around my own hair, instead, I remember Sundays that seemed to go on forever when my mum would cart myself and my sister to Finsbury Park so they could get their hair braided. I would flick through the afro hair magazines for hours thinking the styles looked so sophisticated!
2. What is your most memorable hair style?
This is a major throwback as I was only 6 years old, but it was such a treat at the time that it really sticks with me! We were going on a big family holiday and we had the front half of our hair braided and were allowed to have a tiny bit bit of colour added to the braids. We all felt like superstars!
3. What is your favourite protective style?
I'm a sucker for chunky box braids. They always have you feeling put together and you can do so much with them.
4. What did you do to your hair when you were younger that you would not do now?
Bleach! Excessive heat! Clip in extensions! I honestly just don't have the patience anymore I'm glad for it ahah
5. Share a haircare tip, trick or hack?
Ooh, be gentle to your hair when drying by using a cotton t-shirt instead of towel
6. Must have song on your Washday playlist?
Hot Hot by Bree Runway. Her music is pure energy
7. Centre or Side part?
I always think a side part suits me best
8. Ponytail or top knot?
Ponytail - those drawstring ponytails are my true love.
9. Braids or twists?
Braids, always!
10. How do you practice self care?
Affirmations from the moment I wake up. And flipping everything into a positive - to the point where if I've stubbed my toe, I'm saying 'wow, I'm so lucky to have a toe to stub'. It's excessive at times, but works for me!
11. What three things make you happy 
Seeing my friends succeed, long train journeys, spontaneous nights out 
12. Favourite affirmation, quote, motto or saying 
'I really am THAT bitch.' Because if you can't realise your own magnificence, how'd you expect anyone else to? 
13. What would you recommend everyone watches on Netflix
Selling Sunset. It's great seeing such career driven women and generally it's very high vibe, with the perfect touch of drama. 
14. What is your favourite The Washday Co product?
15. Describe The Washday Co in one word. 


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