Teni Giokabari

Teni Giokabari

Teni Giokabari, is a super beauty enthusiast, you just have to check out her Instagram @whattenidid to see her love for beauty unfold. It of course made so much sense that she is co-founded the soon-to-launch Coco + Spice, the Black skin beauty edit that celebrates Black Skin through community, content and commerce. Sign up here as founding member and to find out when they do launch.

1. What is your earliest hair memory?

Having my hair done by "Aunty Sikira" in our local salon in GRA Ikeja.

2. What is your most memorable hair style?

The traditional thread and then another style known as "telephone wire".

3. What is your favourite protective style?

Twisted hair under a headwrap.

4. What did you do to your hair when you were younger that you would not do now?

I used to comb and brush my hair, dry with no product in it!  

5. Share a haircare tip, trick or hack?
Know your hair, love on it, nourish it, and protect it.

6. Must have song on your Washday playlist?
Just Don't Waste My Time- Usher ft/ Ella Mai

7. Centre or Side part?
Side Part

8. Ponytail or top knot?
Top Knot

9. Braids or twists?
Twists if I do it myself.  If someone else is doing it, I prefer braids.

10. How do you practice self care?
Singing and dancing!

11. What three things make you happy
 Family time, Food and Creating

12. Favourite affirmation, quote, motto or saying
 a) "E J'awo l'apon ti o yo." 
[Translation: Know when to let go! ]
 b) Eni ba niberu at subu, ati dide a nira fun"
[Translation: He/She who is afraid of falling, will find it difficult to rise]

13. What would you recommend everyone watches on Netflix
The making of Nigeria, Journey of an African colony, Japanese/South Korean/Chinese period dramas.

14. What is your favourite The Washday Co product?
Smooth for the Gods Conditioner, and 100% That Brush 

15. Describe The Washday Co in one word. 


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