Edee Beau in one of the wigs from her eponymous range 

Edee Beau

Edee Beau fondly known as Edee is my sister, my only sister and my biggest and loudest cheerleader, supporter and my ride-or-die. She is an amazing content creator, fashion influencer and social media strategist. She is also founder of ByEdeeBeau, a gorgeous range of curated synthetic wigs hand selected by Edee herself.


Okay, so lets get on with the hairy tales .....
1. What is your earliest hair memory?
I don't know if this is a true memory or if I only remember this because of pictures but it would be me having my hair really  short till I was 12 years old and people always referring to the fact that I had a doll face. 
2. What is your most memorable hair style?
Without a doubt it would be million braids, I had never really had braids as an adult as I was convinced it wouldn't suit me. But I had it done in Lagos (Nigeria), it took an entire day and 7 people but I absolutely loved it. I seriously contemplated flying over to Lagos every 6 weeks to get it done but nah I haven't (it would be a very expensive habit).
3. What is your favourite protective style?
Wigs. Have always loved wigs. I of course love the versatility of Black hair and the fact that I can switch things up with a different wig whenever I feel like it. I am very particular when it comes to wigs though hence why I created my own brand offering the best quality at affordable prices.
4. What did you do to your hair when you were younger that you would not do now?
Use relaxer. And that is on Mary had a little lamb.
5. Share a haircare tip, trick or hack?
If you ever apply product (which you should), wash your edges when you wash your face before bed.
6. Must have song on your Washday Playlist?
Anything Bashment or AfroBeats ;)
7. Centre or Side Part?
Side Part. Point Blank Period.
8. Ponytail or Top Knot?
None really as I prefer having my hair down but if I had to chose it would be Pony
9. Braids or Twists?
Braids. Never done twists before.
10. How do you practice self care?
Ensuring I have a good nights sleep. Making time to relax, unwind, detox especially on vacation (cant wait till we can travel again)
11. What three things make you happy?
Children's movies (I know I know), good food and sunshine :)
12. Favourite affirmation, quote, motto or saying?
Do you boo boo (The Day Ones know ;)
13. What would you recommend everyone watches on Netlix.
Bridgerton (All I will say for now is The Duke)
14. Favourite Washday product?
Wow you went there, I of course love and use them all religiously (even the ones in development ayeeeeee) but I adore Smooth For the Gods Conditioner and oh my God the new combs (Black Comb Magic and Comb Here Sis), they are not ready LOL, and Puff Puff will be my fashion accessory for the summer :)
15. And Finally Describe The Washday Co in one word ;)
One word is too difficult so I will cheat a bit and say GOAT (Greatest Of All Time ayeeeeeee ;) 


  • Lol your million braids story made me chuckle! Keep on shining queen 💃🏾💃🏾

    Tessy on

  • Such a great read! I’m defo going to check out the products mentioned!

    Esther Oduwole on

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