No really. Do you love it? 

We all have a story to tell when it comes to our curls, coils and kinks.
Like mine, yours may include one too many eye-watering combing experiences.
It may have a chapter devoted to days where your ends have been
goin’ through some things.
You might’ve spent precious energy testing products for multi-textural tresses - and still never found ‘The One’.
And yep - you may have also had times when you haven’t loved your hair.
Girl, I hear you! But that all ends here.

The Washday Co was born with afro-textured hair - and all it’s glorious, gorgeous curly, coily, kinky variations - in mind.

My mission: to empower women with the gift of healthy, hydrated curls.

This took me on one hell of a journey, one that included:
15 years of hair care research
7 beauty industry roles
4 years of product development
1 degree in Cosmetic Science
2 baby girls with different hair types
Throw in some soul-searching, pivotal life experiences,
BBE (Big Beyoncé Energy), not to mention a global pandemic… et voila!
I changed the way I saw washday.

My washday became one of love, celebration and self care.

With a fresh mindset, exceptional products, and playlist full of bright, hard-hitting bangers, I felt a surge of self-love, strength, and bubbling joy at being a woman.
Without sounding like your BFF who just tried reiki for the first time, my kinda washday nourishes your scalp and your soul, sis.

My kinda washday is quality time spent loving your hair, the most authentic crown you’ll ever own.
It’s choosing your washday haircare like you choose your people - toxin-free and rooting for you to thrive.

The Washday Co is your most-moisturizing friend - the kind that refreshes you, understands your curly hair needs, and reminds you of beauty you’d forgotten you had.

Each product is designed for a curl-changing experience - cleansing, conditioning, detangling - using powerful natural ingredients that leave curly, coily or kinky hair soft, defined and deeply hydrated.

And that scent! Prepare for fresh wafts of heaven and outbursts of “smell my hair!” all day long.

So, it’s sleeker-than-your-average hair care that’s an addition to your wholeness.
The sorta wholeness that makes your sisters say wow, I could feel like that too.
It’s that feeling when the outside world drops away, leaving you in your very own sanctuary of hair positivity. It’s giving yourself a delicious shampoo scalp massage (because why the hell not).

My kinda washday is looking in the mirror and saying damn she the one.
I hope I can empower you to love and respect your curls too.

The Washday Co is more than a haircare brand, it’s a philosophy.

Think about the woman you could become if you stopped hatin’ on your hair and put that energy into caring and investing in yourself. Imagine the sheer power moves you could make with that clarity and confidence. Imagine.

You gleam. You glow. You shine. You slay.

You’re everything you need.

Your hair is your power. Your hair is your excellence. Your hair is you.

I’ll ask you again - do you love your hair?