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Sis!!!!!!!!! Have I ever steered you wrong. N to the O mam.

So you should believe me when I say you need this in your life - This is the detangler of life. You pair this magnificent wide tooth goodness with the uber, ultra Smooth For The Gods Conditioner and baybeeeeeeee, its a moment, a vibe, a vibe-y moment.

Large, in charge and unapologetically so. It is however the absolute gentlest tool in the Washday box and glides gracefully on your stunning locks whether it is wet or dry.

The perfect detangler, the must have washday essential, the curly hair bae, the Black Comb Magic :)

Designed to promote strong healthy hair, our combs feature widely spaced teeth and rounded tips to gently work through tangles without causing breakage. Use it for detangling, styling, and giving yourself a light scalp massage to help clear away dead skin and increase circulation to nourish your roots and promote growth.