About Us? … Nah sis, this is about YOU

Girlll you found it!
Yep, mhmm, this is the one.
I knew if you searched long enough, you’d find me!
Almost forgot to introduce myself, I’m Betse! 👋🏾
But honestly sis, enough about me, you came here to get the tea! 
I don’t aim to disappoint so let me spill it real quick for ya…
Hear me when I say, these products are RIGHT. ON. TIME. 👏🏾👏🏾
I know you’ve been struggling for a hot minute to get those curls on lock. We have all been there…
That being said, I’m so glad you popped open your screen, clicked on this page, and started connecting with these words because your curls need the moisture just as much as your heart needs a positive change!
We have to take better care of ourselves and for me, that starts with the coily crown on my head! My passion is to see beautiful women like you rocking your natural hair in whatever style makes you feel like an absolute baddy!
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not one to judge! Trust me, honey, my natural hair journey was anything but short and sweet.
The Black Cosmetic Scientist Just Tryna Make It Work
Take this from someone who was spending a pretty penny on haircare products tryna figure out what the heck my hair actually needed!
We’ll take a quick detour so you can get to know me a bit better.
My journey goes a little something like this:
  • 15 years of hair care research
  • 7 beauty industry roles
  • 4 years of product development
  • 1 degree in Cosmetic Science
  • 2 baby girls with different hair types
  • Throw in some soul-searching, pivotal life experiences,
  • BBE (Big Beyoncé Energy), not to mention a global pandemic… et voila!
My washday became one of true love, unapologetic celebration, and well-deserved self-care.
Yes, it was FINALLY givin’ what it was ‘spose to gave!
Give Your Curls That Super Bass!
Now, when I look at my hair, I see voluminous locks that command the attention of every room.
When I look at my hair, I see shine that sparkles like diamonds in the sky (Thanks Ri Ri <3.)
When I look at my hair, I see definition that displays my personality through every kink and coil.
When I look at my hair, I see curls that give me the confidence to take on the world.
When you look at your hair, you should see YOU.
My journey led me off the beaten path to products that bridge the gap between hair health and mental health to deliver a holistic approach. Your ticket to curl heaven is one click away.
I’m tellin’ you sis you won’t regret it.
One day, I stepped out of the shower and felt the soft texture of my curls. When I looked in the mirror to see that definition and shine I was hoping for, I broke out in a praise dance singing’ “Oh Happy Day!”
Let’s take a second to talk about holistic haircare girl! Have you ever heard of it? Probably not because I never thought about my haircare routine as anything but a chore… smh.
But now… with THIS collection, girl you know you’re getting an all-inclusive experience with all-natural products.
I never thought I’d see the day. My headspace feels clear and my body feels clean after my regular washday routine. And that’s on PERIODT. 💅🏾
We Are Family… I’ve got all my sistahs with me!
You and me, we make up a larger community of boss queens who deserve to show up and show out every time we bless the world with our presence. These products are my way of giving back to our community with resources that will take us to that next level… together honeyyy!!!
I see you hovering over that product page sis! Go take a look because when your curls start poppin’ those doubts of yours will start droppin’.
Once you try these products, as Jennifer Holliday once said
“You’re gonna love meeee!”
Join me on this journey sis

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